The Benefits of the Fitbit

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A great accessory I love to use when I work out is my fitbit. It monitors my heart rate, keeps track of my activity throughout the day, counts my steps, and does so much to help me improve myself. I … Read More

A Fashion Favorite: Nike Leggings

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One of my favorite leggings to work out in are definitely the Nike Legendary Fabric Twist Tight leggings. The material is stretchy and breathable, perfect for any kind of activity. The waistband sits higher on the hips, which makes it a … Read More

Gym Bag Necessities

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Nike Brasilia 6 Duffel Bag We all have stuff we can’t leave the house without. Cell phones, wallets, car keys. But what shouldn’t you head to the gym without? Shoes: appropriate workout shoes are essential to your workout. A personal … Read More

The Shoe to Lift You into Excellence

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Different shoes are needed for different types of exercise and movement. Save the running shoes for running. If you’re lifting weights it’s better to have flat shoes, as the support from running shoes will not do you any good. Running … Read More

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