Fall Is Officially Here!

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adidas + UO Fitted Track Pant are great pants for style and comfort. They are also great for fall time to keep you warm. Where I live though, lately it has been quite hot actually. And where I live should and stay a mystery. Anyway back to the pants. These track pants are exclusively sold by Urban Outfitters which is pretty cool. Another really cool thing about these pants is that they have pockets at the seams. Having the pockets there makes them flush with the side of the pants and makes them have a streamline look. Now what I personally like is that they are fitting to the body so technically they are skinny fit, but they have some free play which is amazing! I like fitting pants but I like to actually move, it is just my personal preference. So now, if you are looking for some pants for the fall and winter to keep you warm, comfy and stylish, I would suggest these!

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